Monday, December 8, 2008

Ananya Mishra deserves to be in Indian Idol 4

It is really shocking to see Ananya Go from Indian Idol.
A shocked and disappointed Ananya Mishra speaks out after getting eliminated from Indian Idol 4...
Ananya Mishra, the very talented singer was eliminated last week in the First Gala of Indian Idol 4. Here is the girl talking exclusively to Telly Buzz soon after she got ousted; expressing her dissatisfaction over viewers’ votes, and that she surely deserved to stay in Idol.

You are the first contestant to get evicted from the Galas. Did you expect this?
Yes and for this I am really feeling bad. They have lost one good singer. The judges always used to compliment me that for a 17 year old, I was extremely talented when it came to singing and sense of music.

I sang the most difficult song, the title track of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and faired well, and now I am out of the show.

Why did you want to be on the platform of Indian Idol? Whom did you speak first after your eviction?
I thought this platform would give me more fame and it has done just that. I’m happy that I took the chance of coming here. I still remember that I was in a mall with my friends and saw the audition taking place. I went there and gave auditions for fun, but got selected.

After eviction, I immediately called my dad as he has always supported me. I felt really good after talking to him.

What according to you went wrong?
I think it was audience voting that really went wrong. I gave my 100% and was confident of being there till the end. This time all 5 girls out of 6 were in bottom and eventually I got out.

So do you see a chance for a girl becoming the Indian Idol this year?
Well, with the start the girls have got in the First Gala, it seems more likely that a guy would win again. I really don’t understand why every time a guy is only given the tag of Indian Idol. We have seen this trend for three seasons now, but I truly wish that a girl wins this time. We also work hard and put in the same passion as the guys do, but still end up getting less votes from the audience.

What do you think is the reason for fewer votes?
To be frank enough, I don’t have much idea but as per our assumption, female fans vote for male contestants. On the other hand, not many men are open to spending their time in voting for girls. Thus we don’t receive many votes.

What was the reaction of judges’ on your elimination?
They were confused and angry too. Javed ji said that Yeh kya vote kiya hai… Annuji also consoled me and promised that after six months I will get a call to do a playback for him. I know I deserved to be in the show, but due to the mistake of viewers, I have lost the chance.

What will your next step be after this?
I will go back to my home town and continue with my stage shows and Kathak classes. Alongside, I will do Bachelors and Masters in Music.

If you get a chance to come back in the show, will you bag it?
Of course! I would come back and prove my self and tell the viewers that what they did was wrong, as I deserve to be there in the show.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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